Friday, April 13, 2012

Franken: Nothing's Gonna Change My World

Hi everyone!  Yesterday I promised to show you my other attempt to franken a dupe of a Deborah Lippmann polish.  Did you guess what it was?  Well, if you did, give yourself a pat on the back!  This is my attempt to squash my lemming for DL's Across the Universe without breaking my no-buy!

Sorry that the swatches are a little messy today.  It's one of those times where the macro shot picked up stuff I didn't see in person and I admit, I probably should have reshoot these, but I was wearing a mani by the time I edited these... Boo at me today.

I hope that you can still enjoy this though.  I am pretty sure this attempt to dupe AtU is off, because I made two bottles and this one was the wonkier one.  I sent the nicer one to my best friend.  She wore it, but didn't send me pictures!  Of course, I got caught up talking about frankens and didn't ask, but that's beside the point.

In real life, it's a lot easier to see the glitter in this polish.  I think the camera did this no justice, because dupe or not, pretty blue and green glitter in a dark blue jelly base?  Awesome!  I shot these under a daylight lamp, but we have been having a lot of sunshine lately in Washington and I might go out and do some sun pictures! I just usually swatch in the evening when my hubby goes to work, but springtime and longer days should give me the chance to get outside in the sun!

This is a better shot to see the glitter on that middle finger.  I did top coat this for an extra shiny and squishy jelly look.

Totally going to be wearing this soon!  Thanks for reading!


  1. I like it alot! I love how "squishy" it looks :P

  2. That looks fantastic. You are rocking these DL dupes!

  3. I think I like this more than ATU... The blue is ... bluer. It's pretty x