Saturday, April 7, 2012

Blogging Outdoors

So oddly enough, today I find myself sitting outside, enjoying a terrified dog on my lap and some rare Washington sunshine. My husband is splitting wood for his mother and I'm definitely one of those people who is better off not helping. Think the girl who is completely used to the city meets the lumberjack mountain man. On top of the fact that I don't want to break a nail because it's a nail blogger's worst nightmare!

In any case, I'm trying to pretty much stay out of the way so I don't hurt myself or someone else, but I forgot my book (Currently reading Clash of Kings because my hubby is obsessed with Game of Thrones, btw).  So I've decided to get a post going for you lovely people and talk about my current mani.  But! I don't have pictures, so I am bringing you a special edition with phone photos! Don't be too scarred though, my phone has a really good camera!  And Instagram!! Can't go wrong with that!

The polish today is Orly's Royal Navy, which I am using to test how Butter London's top and base coat combo works for me.


  1. That is a gorgeous colour! And what a cute dog! =)

  2. I am all for outdoor blogging - even outdoor mani's if it's not too hot as that effects the polish drying too fast and shrinking up at times.

  3. Great color and your dog is adorable!