Monday, December 26, 2011

Green Green Green!

Hello there!  This is my first official polish post and I'm super excited to show you today's mani.  I'm a fiend for green on my nails.  I don't have any particular love for it in other applications, but I do gravitate to green lacquers a lot of the time.  It happened by complete chance that my father-in-law gave me a bottle of Wet n Wild Sage in the City from their fast dry line.  I actually usually stick to the swampier greens, those ugly-pretty types of polish, like my favorite shade, Orly's It's Not Rocket Science, but when I put on this green I was actually rather surprised to find I liked it so much!

I hardly ever wear something plain though, so I threw a little green glitter gradient on top with Orly's Here Comes Trouble.

I had to use three coats to get full opacity on this polish and I did end up with a slightly damaged brush, but the formula wasn't bad.  It got a little streaky in some places because my husband wanted to go to the mall and was bugging me to finish up and I rushed the last coat.  It's from their fast dry line so it didn't get out of hand.

Super shiny!  Really love that!

This picture and the next one are closer to the true color.  The first ones were taken with flash, which sucked a little color out!

And I may have fibbed a bit about not being a huge fan of green outside of nail polish.  This is my new favorite scarf that I've been wearing everywhere lately because it's sooooo warm, though I did buy it because I have a thing for green lately!

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