Saturday, August 11, 2012

Jade Holographics

Hi everyone!  I've been hanging around in the California sun lately, trying not to melt, but one thing I definitely appreciate is how great my polish looks lately!  And do you know what the perfect finish to wear in the sun is?  Well, holographic, of course!

Today, I have some swatches of most of the Jade Holographic line to dazzle you with rainbows.  I don't have all of the colors, eight out of ten, but as a whole line, they're amazing polishes.  The holographic finish in each one is very strong and visible and it isn't dulled by top coat.  Application is consistently flawless with every color too, something that can't be said about a lot of holos.  Overall, I adore everything about these polishes, so I won't talk much about each one individually to keep from being too repetitive.

Ready for pictures?  Let's take a look.

Energy is a bright turquoise holo.  These pictures show two coats.

Magia Negra is a dark charcoal/black holo.  These pictures show two coats.

Hypnose is a true blue holo.  These pictures show two coats.  I've compared this to Energy side by side on my nails and the difference is really hard to photograph!  In person, however, you can see that Energy is greener and actually has a stronger holo than Hypnose.

Deja Vu is a hot pink holo.  This one can be a one coater if you apply it a little thicker, but I used two thin coats for these pictures because I've had a lot of bubbling problems lately.

Mystic Gold is my favorite from this line.  I have a huge problem with gold holos--I love them so much, I buy nearly every one I find!  This one is so rich, I just adore it.  One of my favorite polishes all around actually!  These pictures show two coats.

Seducao Rosa is a lighter pink holo.  Compared to Deja Vu, it is just that, lighter.  They both seem to have a pretty similar holo strength to them.  These pictures show two coats, but it any of them may need a third coat, it is this one.  I did one thin and one thicker to make sure all visible nail line was hidden.

Vermelho Surreal is a bright red holo.  Red is something kind of tricky in the holo world, so this polish is a great one to add to your collection for that reason.  These pictures show two coats.

 Fascinio Violetta is a beautiful purple holo.  These pictures show two coats.

These polishes are from Brazil and can be purchased from both Llarowe and Ninja Polish.  They come in 8mL bottles.

Thanks for reading!

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